Vittoria and New York Yacht Club American Magic join forces to ignite excellence

Vittoria and New York Yacht Club American Magic join forces to ignite excellence
Vittoria and New York Yacht Club American Magic, challenger for the 37th America’s Cup, have embarked on an exciting collaboration that exemplifies excellence in their respective domains. This strategic partnership aims to ignite innovation and elevate performance, with a unique twist—the Cyclor.

The Cyclor: Bridging Worlds
The Cyclor is a hybrid athlete who bridges the gap between cycling and sailing. These athletes power the hydraulic systems on the team's AC75 race yacht, providing the force needed to adjust sails and foils swiftly and efficiently. Their synchronized efforts are crucial for achieving optimal performance on the water and truly symbolize the synergy between land and sea.

The Cyclors of the American Magic team (which also includes Ashton Lambie, Vittoria athlete, UCI Track World Champion – known for being the first person to complete an Individual pursuit in under 4 minutes) have to grind out kilometers and kilometers on the bike in order to be at full strength in the boat, and Vittoria is happy to provide its best products for their training.

United by the constant pursuit of excellence
Vittoria’s commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident in all its Graphene-infused tires. Graphene, “Magic” material, enhances grip, speed, and durability. Just as Cyclors deliver power to perform maneuvers, these tires empower cyclists worldwide.
NYYC American Magic is building a high-performance sailing franchise in the United States with a dual mandate to win the America's Cup and elevate sailing in America. The team embodies excellence, and its relentless pursuit of winning the America’s Cup mirrors Vittoria’s dedication to tire innovation. Led by 17-time World Champion, Terry Hutchinson, American Magic will compete in the 37th America’s Cup (Barcelona, August - October 2024), the oldest and most prestigious international sailing competition.

Vittoria is constantly growing and gaining more aficionados in the US market. By collaborating with American Magic, the company aims to further increase its brand awareness and solidify its position in this key region. At the same time, this collaboration allows Vittoria to address a global audience of sports lovers and has high European visibility, thanks to the competitions taking place in the Barcelona waters.

Stijn Vriends, Chairman & CEO of Vittoria: “We are delighted that a New York-based team of the highest caliber wanted to secure the top performance of Vittoria products to prepare for the races. The America's Cup is synonymous with research, innovation, design, and a continuous striving for excellence. All aspects in common between Vittoria and American Magic”.

"We are thrilled to partner with Vittoria, a brand that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence. The performance of their products will be crucial in our preparations as we aim to bring the America's Cup back to the United States" said Terry Hutchinson, Skipper and President of Sailing Operations for NYYC American Magic.

Stay tuned as the Cyclor-powered collaboration sets sail!

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