New Air-Liner Light Gravel Insert: Enhanced gravel performance at your disposal

vittoria air-liner light gravel tire insert

Designed specifically for gravel tubeless tires, with tire widths ranging from 42-50mm, this innovative insert revolutionizes the wheel-tire system for gravel applications.

Combining the success of the recently launched Air-Liner Light XC insert, and the experience of the previous Air-Liner Gravel insert, Vittoria engineered a new generation of gravel inserts whose aim goes far beyond puncture protection.

Key Features:

  • Comfort and Stability: The Air-Liner Light Gravel allows progressive compression of the tire during off-road riding. Riders experience enhanced comfort, stability, and grip without even realizing the insert is at work. The foam provides a “limitless travel” effect, resulting in a smoother ride.
  • Puncture Protection: The foam’s progressive compression absorbs extreme shocks, preventing tire punctures caused by heavy impacts with rim walls (commonly known as snake bites). Additionally, the insert enhances lateral stability during cornering, reducing the risk of tire burping.
  • Run-Flat Capability: In the event of a puncture and air loss, the Air-Liner Light Gravel overexpands from its original volume to support the tire. Its semi-permeable foam retains air pressure and releases it gradually as the tire loses air. This allows riders to continue cycling even with a flat tire. The unique semi-permeable feature makes the insert compatible with sealant and makes it resistant to cuts.
Whether you’re a gravel enthusiast, endurance racer, or bikepacking adventurer, the Air-Liner Light Gravel ensures a more comfortable and reliable riding experience. Vittoria continues to push the boundaries of cycling technology, and the Air-Liner Light Gravel is a testament to their commitment to innovation.

Air-Liner Light Gravel comes in one superlight loop coloured with the iconic Air-Liner green from Vittoria. It is available in two wheel sizes—650b and 700c—both suitable with tire widths ranging from 42 to 50 millimeters. Air-Liner Light Gravel must be used in combination with tubeless tires and multiway tubeless valves only. The packaging of the Air-Liner Light Gravel contains one insert and one Vittoria Green Multiway Tubeless valve 40mm long.

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