Vittoria identity

2022 Highlights

From a social and macroeconomic point of view, 2022 was partly influenced by the persistence of the global coronavirus pandemic COVID-19. The effects of the pandemic on commercial activity have been expressed through strong demand in the bicycle sector and an increase in transport, raw material and energy costs.Increased demand for bikes has led us to increase our production volumes by 29% compared to 2021. This, together with an increase in average selling prices, has led us to a 33% increase in net revenues. To support the entire system, our workforce has also been strengthened through a 16% expansion.


MLN EUR of net revenues +33% YoY


tons of production +29% YoY


employees as of 31.12.2022 +16% YoY

Overview on Vittoria Group

We produce and sell tyres, tubulars and inner tubes for bicycles. With an annual production of over 7 million tyres, we are among the largest operators in the sector. As a Group, we are the owners of the "Vittoria" brand for road and mountain bike tires and we distribute third-party bicycle accessories worldwide.

Our values and mission

Our purpose is to bring new experiences to riders. Our mission is to make the most advanced bicycle tires in the world. To do that, we focus on Innovation, Sustainability, and Distinctiveness. Innovation, as it allows us to deliver to our customers high-quality and high-performance products. Sustainability, as we know that cycling is the greenest form of transportation, yet tires are not ‘green’ per se. Distinctiveness, since we outperform our competitors for grip, durability, speed, and puncture resistance.Now you know why we relentless pursuit the next technology, the next design, the next material and the next level of performance.

Vittoria S.p.A., Rideasy S.r.l. and Vittoria Park S.r.l.

Brembate, Italy

Vittoria Tyres Thailand CO. Ltd.

Bangkok & Rayong, Thailand

Vittoria Industries North America Ltd.

Oklahoma City, US Bentonville

Vittoria Asia Pacific Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

We take risks

Innovation will take us to places others won't go. We go there as a team. We trust ourselves and each other and this makes us resilient in tough situations.

We are dedicated to cycling

The experience of riders is at the heart of our business. Only through this obsession we will meet their needs and stay ahead of our competitors.

We do what we say

Our word is our bond. We work together to overcome barriers, caring for our colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers

We are curious

Innovation begin with the question "What if?". we're future focused. Bringing a diverse workforce who brings new attitudes and insights.

We are business innovators

By challenging our own ways of thinking our business can innovate to match costumers' needs and extend the use of bicycles even further.

We are open and honest

When we talk to each others and our costumers we do it openly and honestly. By sharing clear objectives and embracing feedback. We always know where we stand.


Our motto, The Ride Ahead, embodies the concept of continuously raising the bar. We do not only produce tires, we want to make a difference to our riders’ experience. We use a language that is optimistic, passionate, expert and curious, to create synergies with all our stakeholders.

It speaks to the heart

Curiosity - Adventure, Aspiration

Optimism - Anticipation, Hope

Courage - Challenging, Unconventional

It speaks to the head

Innovation - Product, Techincal, Graphene etc

Sustainability - Business, Processes

Superiority - Quality, Performance, Service

“The Ride Ahead” takes different meanings for our different categories of stakeholders

  • For Riders, it means being optimistic about the future, anticipating the next ride, making sure they get the best advice for their tires’ set-up in order to boost their performance on their bike;
  • For the Brand, it means delivering superiority in product performance and experience, being a leader, challenging the status quo of the category, being active, and using innovation as the energy to transition from today to tomorrow;
  • For Employees, it means building on the past by embracing the future, having a unifying purpose of creating the ride of tomorrow;
  • For Partners, it means feeling part of the same journey, working for a better future and building their business through an innovative partnership with us.

Our product offering

We produce and sell tires, tubulars, and inner tubes for bicycles and our goal is to provide our customers with a range of high-quality products to ensure them a superior performance in cycling. We are aware that cycling is constantly changing, but there are three groups of riders we keep in mind when developing our products:


Our road products apply the know-how developed together with professional athletes and racing-inspired product technologies for all demanding cyclists who do not want to compromise on performance. These products aim to constantly improve the experience of every cyclist in every type of road discipline. This product category historically counts on multiple victories of many professional athletes and teams and is broken down into the following segments:


These tires combine the latest technologies in tire development with different case constructions, offering the best riding experience from dirt tracks to the most demanding downhill trails. Within this product category there are the following segments: