Air-Liner Protect Downhill

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Size: 27.5" - 2.4/2.6"
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Extreme protection on the DH tracks

The Air-Liner Protect Downhill tire insert originates from the most demanding downhill race trails of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series.

Constructed from high-density polymer foam ensuring long-lasting product life, it allows riders to confidently tackle even the most demanding trails and terrains. It provides a robust barrier between the rim and the tire, offering unprecedented protection against punctures, sidewall slashes, and pinch flats.

The Air-Liner Protect Downhill version boasts a higher density foam compared to the enduro version, meticulously engineered to withstand the relentless forces encountered during high-speed descents. Unlike its predecessor, Air-Liner Protect Downhill come as a complete loop, eliminating the need for tedious cutting and zipping.

No longer will you fear the wrath of jagged rocks or treacherous roots, for Air-Liner Protect Downhill has your back.

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