Down Country MTB: Tires for mixed terrain and descent

Down Country MTB: Tires for mixed terrain and descent

Mountain bike is a cycling discipline that requires various skills. It is not enough to be physically trained, you also and have some courage. The confidence that the bike transmits to you is essential in order to have fun and try new things, especially in downhill. To make this happen, the bike must be optimised in every way. When you go downhill, the choice of tires is essential to go fast and at the same time risk as little as possible. Tires are the only point of contact between the terrain and our bikes, it is important to choose the most suitable ones. Riders always look for the best compromise between grip and low rolling resistance. In addition to the tread pattern, the tire size is also crucial. Today on the market there are different types of tires for each discipline. It's difficult to know how is the best mtb mixed terrain tire, it remains a subjective choice that depends on our skills and experience.

Be fast and precise with down country bikes

The mtb down country is an emerging segment within mountain bike, where the main characteristics of Cross-Country bikes are mixed with those of Trail and All Mountain. The mtb down country bikes are designed to be lighter and easier to handle, so that they perform better on climbs and at the same time suited for steep MTB descents. These new bicycles were created to respond to a new need that emerged during mountain bike competitions. Cross-Country has changed a lot in recent years, becoming more and more technical. The difference is in the geometry of the bicycle: mtb down country bikes have a travel greater than 100mm (cross-country measurement), are lower, longer and have a greater steering angle. In a downhill mountain bike, it is essential to be extremely precise without sacrificing speed.

Best mtb mixed terrain tire

In addition to specific bicycles, tire development for this new discipline is also emerging on the market. The faster you go downhill, the more control and grip you will need, both of which depend heavily on the tire. In down country, the trend is 29” wheels and mixed 29” mtb tires with large sections, more than 2.3”. Tire pressures are lower; ultralight tires are not an option, on the contrary, the inserts inside the tire are very useful. These allow for lower pressures and thus have greater grip. Syerra is Vittoria's recommended down country tire. It is the best mtb mixed terrain tire, designed to meet the needs of the down country segment. Syerra raises the bar of performance achievable by an XC tire. This product combines speed and rolling efficiency, typical traits of the XC segment - with high grip and strength - hallmarks of Trail / All-Mountain, making for the best mixed terrain tire. The result is a light and fast product that allows for fun even when facing a steep descent and technical terrain. Syerra is available in the tubeless configuration in size 29” x 2.4”.

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