Accelerate to victory with the new Corsa PRO Speed tire for Time Trials and Triathlons

Accelerate to victory with the new Corsa PRO Speed tire for Time Trials and Triathlons

Corsa PRO Speed completes the renewal of the Vittoria Corsa range and raises the bar of road racing tire performance for time trial and triathlon applications.

Designed specifically for time trial and triathlon, Corsa PRO Speed promises to revolutionize the racing experience of pro riders and performance-oriented amateur riders.

The Corsa PRO Speed tire is the result of extensive research and development conducted by Vittoria's team of experts, through three seasons of racing analysis. With a strong commitment to provide racers with the best possible products, Vittoria has designed a tire that maximizes speed, grip, and control in time trial and triathlon use.

Featuring an advanced Graphene + Silica compound specifically designed to provide unparalleled efficiency, while returning a very high level of grip on both dry and wet surfaces, Corsa Pro Speed ensures faster times and a smoother ride.

Vittoria collaborated with countless athletes and team to achieve this milestone.
Jonas Vingegaard’s domination of the Stage 16 Time Trial at 2023 Tour de France, highlighted a proven trend, supported by Wout van Aert’s Belgian National Time Trial victory, as well as Jos van Emden’s Dutch National Time Trial win, all using the Corsa PRO Speed.

Now all athletes and amateurs can look forward to excelling, reaching new personal bests. "The Corsa PRO Speed tire is a game-changer in the world of time trial racing," said Vanessa ten Hoff, Vittoria Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. "We understand the demands and challenges faced by athletes in this field, and we have created a tire that can truly enhance their performance. We are proud to launch this product and believe it will exceed our customers' expectations."

The fastest tire made faster

By seamlessly tapering the tread into the sidewall, the Corsa PRO Speed construction combines the Graphene + Silica compound, ultra-supple cotton casing, and updated tread pattern, all electrically cured to minimize rolling resistance. The results of internal testing show an improvement in rolling performance of 5%, with 2% savings in weight.

The circumferential grooves distribution on the tread has been optimized compared to Corsa Speed, with a wider center slick area and closer grooves which provide suppleness and cornering edges. Corsa PRO Speed Corespun 320 TPI cotton casing - Vittoria’s finest – is extremely lightweight and guarantees ultimate suppleness, speed, and enhanced cornering grip.

Whether you're a professional racer or amateur racer, the Corsa PRO Speed is designed to enhance your riding experience and achieve your best performance in Time Trial and Triathlon use.

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