Ready for Strade Bianche on Corsa PRO Control: Polti Kometa's tire choice explained

Ready for Strade Bianche on Corsa PRO Control: Polti Kometa's tire choice explained

Vittoria Corsa PRO Control is Polti Kometa team's tire choice to tackle the most extreme weather conditions and road surfaces such as cobblestones and gravel. And here's the first opportunity to show it off: tomorrow's magnificent classic, the Strade Bianche!

The Corsa PRO Control features a new fishbone texture for increased handling capability when cornering, and a thicker tread for greater puncture protection and extended wear-life, making it the perfect choice for the Northern Classics and Strade Bianche. Superior performance in extreme conditions made possible by the WorldTour-proven technology of Graphene + Silica compound, combined with the timeless perfection of a 320 TPI cotton-blend casing. Electrical curing eliminates seams and increases aerodynamics. Corsa PRO Control is a high-confidence racing tire with high grip, an incredibly supple connection to the road, and race-tuned rolling resistance. Compared to the standard Corsa PRO, the Control also offers additional puncture resistance due to its slightly thicker tread.

Ivan Moya, head mechanic of Polti Kometa: "We're going to use the Vittoria Corsa PRO Control with a width of 30 millimeters. The choice of these tires over the Corsa PRO is due to the sidewall pattern, which evacuates sand and possible mud a little better, making them the best solution for the Strade Bianche. Given that the weather forecast for the race is rather negative, we'll also use slightly lower pressures to have more grip. In the end, the Control has the same structure and compound as the normal PRO, but with a slightly more pronounced design on the sidewall for greater grip in corners and loose dirt roads."

What do the riders think? After this morning's pre-race recon, here's what Fran Muñoz, one of the seven Polti Kometa men who will be at the starting line in Siena tomorrow, has to say: "With these tires, I noticed a significant difference in driving on the roughest stretches. I felt all the stiffness and grip compared to regular ones."

Polti Kometa Corsa PRO Control Strade Bianche

The input from Tommaso Cappella, Vittoria's product specialist, was very helpful during the recon: "Corsa PRO Control is developed for racing in rough terrains, like the gravel roads of Strade Bianche or the cobbles of the northern classics - explains Cappella -. In developing the Corsa PRO Control, we worked hard to combine the best rolling performance and suppleness of Corsa PRO, with extra grip and puncture resistance. The result is the preferred tire of the pros for the spring classics".

Vittoria products' quality is also guaranteed by the Vittoria Park, a unique proving ground in the world: 5 hectares around the headquarters in Brembate, between Bergamo and Milan, with more than 4 kilometers of tracks replicating every type of terrain that cyclists can face, from road to gravel, including Tuscan white roads and the cobbles of Flanders and Roubaix. There's even a section with shards and debris of various materials to put the tires to a tough test. In addition to this, an indoor testing area where high-tech machines examine air retention and resistance to punctures and rolling. A place the Polti Kometa staff had the opportunity to visit, strengthening the enthusiasm for this excellent partnership.

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